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Some nice words from our satisfied clients...



I have had a few bad experiences in the past with dentists so became very nervous. I went to Martin the first time as I had toothache so had no choice but to have something done. I had researched dentists that offered sedation and had seen good reviews for Martin.
My first visit I was crying and shaking, I struggled to even let Martin look in my mouth! He was so patient and at no time did I feel any pressure from him.
I have had a few fillings since then with sedation, over the last 2 years. The last filling I had I actually managed to have done without sedation. That was a huge achievement for me, and shows how good Martin is at putting people at ease.
I can now go to him on my own for check ups,previously I've had to have my husband with me for support.
I am still nervous but I know that Martin will always be respectful of my fears.
I would recommend him 100% for anyone with dental phobia




Please could you pass on my thanks to Martin for the fantastic treatment I recently received. I am a nervous patient but Martin always put me at ease and my teeth have never looked or felt better!"


Rose O


"What a wonderful dentist, to feel relaxed and in good hands.

The work Martin has done over the many weeks is unbelievable. I never thought it would be possible possible to have new teeth that now look brilliant and pain fee.

I would thoughtfully recommend thoroughly this practice, the before and after treatment is amazing and worth every penny spent."



From Corby

"Thank you so much for giving me back my smile, it’s been hidden for so long I’d nearly forgotten how to smile. My faith in dentists has been restored."


From Brackley

"All my life my teeth have had a stripe of dark staining running along the gum line. This is a result of being given Tetracycline when I was two years old. I had learned to live with it, but was always aware that it was there.

When Dr Attariani suggested bleaching I was unsure, as I was concerned that the stained area may not lighten as well as the rest of the tooth and that the end result would make the staining more noticeable.  Dr Attariani assured me that Enlighten works on Tetracycline staining and I am so pleased to say that he is right.

After moulds were taken to create my gumsheilds, all I had to do was use the gumsheilds and bleach over night for two weeks. Just put them in and go to sleep – easy. The results were amazing. Everyone noticed my teeth and my smile. I have received so many compliments. It has given me so much more conifidence. All I have to do to maintain this effect is use the bleach for one night every month or two. It's really no effort at all.

I'm so glad that I made the decision to use Enlighten. It really has made a huge difference to my teeth and my confidence."


From Banbury

"I have had my new dentures for 2 weeks now. My trial period is over, verdict superb, marks: 11 out of 10!
You have given back me back my voice, the enjoyment of my food and most of all my confidence.
Thanks for recommending the chrome upper plate; it is so light and natural.
When I take my nightly tot of malt I raise a glass to you, Martin, with heartfelt thanks.
My very best wishes for your continuous success."


From New Zeeland

"I'd like to thank you and your lovely team for my new smile. You had a short timeframe to work with while I was in back in Brackley over Christmas and I really appreciate all your efforts to expedite the lab work in time and to such a high quality. 

I have actively tried to avoid dentists since having my wisdom tooth out over 10 years ago and certainly these days the mortgage and bills come first with little to spare on getting teeth checked. I'm sure this is the case with many people and that dentists only see us when we're in pain. In coming to see you there was no judgement the focus was purely on getting the best possible outcome for me. 

You and your team put me at ease with your friendly approach, open discussions on treatment plans and attentive care, even giving me with blanket when I felt the cold. You were happy to explain the treatment and to show me the technology being used to design and mill new crowns. In letting me listening to my iPod I could try to escape the drilling and distract myself with other thoughts. 
My previous dentist had said that he was not able to work on me unless I was consciously sedated, however in the time I was in you care we found that was not necessary. I think that this goes a long way to show that I could trust that you were not including expensive and unnecessary treatments but also that between you, me and your caring nursing team we could get through the long appointments without sedation. 

Thank you so much Martin :-)"


From Brackley

"I write to thank you and your courteous and friendly staff for the excellent treatment and care I received following my long overdue decision to have work done to my teeth. I had let them get into a terrible state but you have transformed them, my mouth and smile through your very able dentistry."


From Banbury

"I'd really like to thank all the staff at the Orchid Dental Centre for all the great help, advice and treatment I have received over the last 6 months. Talking the course of treatment though and all the options was very helpful and thorough, and I never felt any pressure to go with any particular course of action. 
In the end a full restoration was agreed including 2 titanium implants with a 3 unit bridge, and more than 20 steel reinforced porcelain crowns, also with additional 3 and 2 unit bridges to cover some gaps. 

Martin also performed a gingivectomy and contoured the gums around my new crowns so they look very natural.
All the treatment was fantastic over the course of the numerous visits and Martin was always available by phone for questions, advice etc. 
I could not have hoped for a better outcome and now feel really confident that these new teeth will perform well over the coming years. I have received many comments on how great and natural my new teeth look.

Thanks again Martin and staff."


From Corby

"Thank you for all your help and making me smile again with confidence!!!!
What a difference this has made."


Year 3 Southfield Primary School


"We really enjoyed hearing all the interesting information about teeth. We also really liked our goodie bags and will be trying our best to keep our teeth healthy. Thank you."



From Banbury

"I changed to the Orchid Dental Centre earlier this year as I was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the one I had been attending for many years.

My request on arrival was not only to have my teeth looked after properly but to have some cosmetic work done if I could afford it. After a very thorough examination of my teeth, I was given a printed estimate of what the cost might be (with a detailed breakdown) so that I could choose to do none, some or all of the work. At no time was I pressured about any of this. I decided the estimate was favorable and went ahead with the work. The treatment has been both varied and extensive and included ceramic crowns made on the premises, an extraction+ implant and several veneers. The front teeth were all made at the lab so they could be fitted all at the same time.

The result is brilliant.

Sure, I have spent a lot of money but I had a very good idea of what this sort of work could cost and I feel Orchid are very reasonably priced in comparison to others.

The customer care at Orchid is brilliant. Most unusual and refreshing in today's climate."


From Buckingham

"A great practice equipped with the latest technology. The result is always outstanding and patient care is over the top. Extremely convenient with the 0% finance plan."


From Northampton

"Dr Attariani is very caring dentist. He is very good at dealing with nervous patients and is very calming. I am very pleased with him and warmly recommend him to whoever with dental phobia.....many times it's just about finding the right dentist and I have found mine."


From Brackley

"The quality of services offered has always been excellent and consistent over the pas six year."


From Coventry

"I am extremely happy over my new Cerec inlay which feels like my own tooth, much better than the fillings I've had on the tooth over the years. And I can't believe it was all done in only one session, fascinating equipment you have there. Thank you so much for an excellent work."


From Brackley

"I feel completely at ease whenever I have treatment and never have the sensation of being on a conveyor belt - loved the new virtual reality glasses, very high-tech indeed. I am very pleased with the service and will continue to use it as long as I can."


From Bicester

"I hate dentists, I hate their surgery and I hate their chair... but after visiting your practice, meeting your wonderful staff, the time you took to explain all and each part of the treatment to me, the painless injection and the good quality work provided, I now know it's all about finding the right dentist and I am glad I found you. Great service."

If you are a patient and wish to contribute a testimonial, we'd love to hear from you.

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