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Dental Guarantee

Our guarantee - your peace of mind

Orchid Dental Centre offers a guarantee on all dental work.

The Orchid Dental Centre works towards delivering a first class dental experience with results that will last. We work hard to deliver a quality service using the most advanced equipment. Every procedure has had extensive research performed so that the most reliable and durable of materials are used with safety and effectiveness being our number one priority.

Even though we put a lot of effort into our work, sometimes treatments and fixtures do not last the course of time. They may need to be adjusted or may require updating. It is for this reason that we GUARANTEE all of our work.

GuaranteeYou will be given a certificate at the end of every procedure. This is your guarantee and it should be kept safe. Our guarantees ask that you in turn promise to take care of your teeth to the best of your ability with regular brushing and some check ups.

To provide you with some idea of how long treatments should last please see the chart below. Results will vary from person to person and we will give you an estimate of how long they should last for you during your treatment.

Dental guarantee

Below is an example of average guarantees:

Dental Implants10 years
Dental Veneers5 years
Dental Crowns5 years
Fillings2 years
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