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PAIN-FREE Laser Hair Removal

PAIN-FREE Laser Hair Removal

With the enviable reputation of being the spa with the most modern technology in the local region, Orchid Beauty Spa offers pain-free laser hair removal.

If you have unwanted hairs that you feel continually under pressure to deal with, this treatment could alleviate some trouble for you. You won’t have to shave, wax or even pluck hairs away once you have undergone treatment with our new pain-free laser hair removal treatment machine - The Alma Soprano Ice.

This hair removal treatment is virtually pain-free and does not rely upon the use of numbing or cooling agents.  Recognised as one of the most innovative beauty machines on the spa circuit, this technology delivers a speedy and very consistent set of results.

The difference between this modern machine and the older types of hair removal lasers is that it slowly heats the follicle so that it does not get hotter than it needs to. It will reach the damage point and there will be very minimal discomfort (if any) and treatment times can be longer.

Laser hair removal Northamptonshire

Who can have a pain-free laser hair removal treatment?

The machine that we use (Soprano Ice) works on all types of hair and skin types. Some of our clients have stated that the sensation that our hair removal hand piece delivers is comparable to that of a soothing hot stone massage.  Whether your heritage is white, black or Asian we are able to effectively remove your unwanted hair for you.

Each treatment takes less than one hour to perform and after just a few treatments, you’ll be left with hair free, silky smooth skin. You’ll be able to say goodbye to daily or weekly shaving or plucking. Waxing will be distant memory.

With this machine you don’t experience a down time and you can return to your normal activities immediately.

Perfect for:

•  Legs
•  Arms
•  Bikini area
•  Unwanted facial hair
•  Unwanted body hair

You won’t need to grow the hair prior to treatment as the machine works on shaved hair.  The hair will not grow back, but you may experience new growth from other follicles.

Laser hair removal price guide


Upper lip£45£220
Upper lip and chin£85 £415
Under arm and bikini line£165£825
Abdomen (whole)£100£495
Upper arms (all round)£100£495
Lower arm (all round)£110£550
Whole arms (all round)£165£825
Shoulders and back of neck£110£550
Under arms£90£440
Full back (including shoulders)£240£1210
Bikini line£110£550
Nipple area£55£275
Beard Area£70£330
Eyebrows (in between)£55£275
Full face£155£770
Lower legs (all round)£165£825
Thighs (all round)£180£880
Full Legs (thighs and lower legs all round)£245£1210

The machine and technique that we use was approved for safety by the FDA in 2005.  Call now on 01280 703125 to book for your session so that you can forget all about shaving and plucking.

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