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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth removal

In certain situations it might be necessary for you to undergo a wisdom tooth removal procedure.

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to make an appearance by pushing through the gums, this being the case there is sometimes not enough space for them to grow properly and in the right direction for them to be useful and healthy. Most people can expect four wisdom teeth with one at each end of the gums. They will usually make an appearance during the teenage years or even during the early 20s.

With so little space being available by the time the other 28 teeth have emerged, the wisdom teeth may come through either at an angle or in some cases will only partially emerge. The term for wisdom teeth that grow like this is impacted.  Not all wisdom teeth that are impacted need to be removed – only those that cause discomfort or problems.

Wisdom tooth removal Northamptonshire

Do I need to remove my wisdom teeth?

The problem with impacted teeth is that they can cause dental problems as it is easier for bacteria, food and plaque to build up and cause tooth decay, gum disease and infection (cellulitis).

If you are suffering pain or any discomfort from the area around your wisdom teeth, you may need to book an appointment to come in to see us for advice on whether they need to be extracted.

If it is suspected that your teeth need to be removed, the dentist will take an x-ray.

Recovering from a wisdom tooth procedure

The extraction process can cause some discomfort and swelling initially but this will soon feel better with complete recovery expected within 10-14 days. You will need to carefully follow the instructions that your dentist gives you to ensure that your mouth will recover quickly from the procedure.

If you're having trouble with your wisdom teeth and are based in Brackley or the surrounding towns such as Bicester, Buckingham, Banbury or Towcester, or throughout Northamptonshire even, call us on 01280 703125 and arrange your wisdom tooth consultation today.


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