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A frenulum is a connective piece of tissue that stops an organ from moving. For example, a frenulum is connected from your upper lip to your gums There is another frenulum that attaches your lower lip to your gums. In some cases the frenulum is either too short or too thick to allow for normal development and may need corrective action.

If you are suffering from your tongue or your lip being attached to soft tissue in your mouth, you may be in need of a frenectomy.

Frenectomys may be needed by children or adults and it’s a procedure that is used to remove soft tissue that may be restricting the movement of your tongue or lips.

Frenectomy - frenulum removal


What happens in a frenectomy?

In the case of the lingual frenectomy, the procedure involves the surgical removal any soft tissue that may be restricting the movement of the tongue. Without this procedure, some people have difficulty eating and speaking.  It may also be difficult to swallow and it could affect the development of the upper jaw in children. If left without treatment, children may need orthodontic treatment later on in life.

The treatment itself is done very quickly within just 15 minutes. These days a frenectomy can be performed with a laser, which will enable faster healing than in the more traditional manner.

Labial frenectomy is the removal of soft tissue that is connected to the tips. Quite often patients who are undergoing treatment for periodontal disease or treatment for orthodontic (teeth straightening) or dentures may require this procedure.

It’s also possible that a frenectomy is required to remove soft tissue that is connected to the tissue between two teeth (gingival).  Without this procedure being performed, it’s possible that there will be a large gap between the front teeth. Or there could be gum recession.

Do you think you may need a frenectomy?

If you think you could be a candidate for a frenectomy, please call us to book a consultation. We will evaluate your condition and will advise on the most suitable options.

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