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Tooth Coloured Fillings

Feel more confident with tooth coloured fillings

Unfortunately there are very few people who go through life without needing a filling. Even those who are most diligent in good oral hygiene practices can still develop a cavity or dental caries.

The procedure of treating the cavity means that the dentist is required to remove decay and then fill the tooth with another piece of suitable material. Due to the advancement of dental technology, it’s now possible to make choices from options for those clients who need a dental filling.

As an experienced dental practice who prides itself on delivering the most modern techniques and advanced dental technology, Orchid Dental Centre offers cosmetic dental fillings that can be matched to the colour of your other teeth.

Most people have already experienced amalgam fillings, or even the silver or gold fillings. Although these fillings have proven themselves to be very effective, they can be seen by others fairly easily. They also tend to darken in colour over a period of time.

Composite resin dental fillings are less noticeable and their colour is adjustable. This makes it possible for them to blend in with the rest of your teeth so that they are not so conspicuous.  They are also natural looking, strong and very durable.

White tooth coloured fillings

Why use cosmetic fillings?

There are many positive reasons why professional dentists offer cosmetic fillings, including:

  • composite resin fillings are very effective at bonding with the tooth to provide additional support for the remaining structure
  • this type of filling will help in protecting the tooth against further damage
  • the aesthetic and cosmetic results are excellent
  • chipped, broken or discoloured teeth are improved in appearance
  • these type of fillings will last for between 6 and 12 years and the procedure is very quick to do in just one office visit

If you prefer to have a tooth coloured filling, then ask our dentist or our reception staff and they will be able to arrange this for you.

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