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Teeth Straightening

Improve your smile with our teeth straightening treatment

In our modern world, there’s a lot to be said for the link between appearance and self-confidence. Being able to deliver an attractive smile with white and straight teeth is something that many of our clients are now fortunate to be able to do.

Our teeth straightening service focuses on the harmony between your face, jaw and teeth for results that last. There are a variety of teeth straightening techniques available to us, and we will work to evaluate which method is the best for your individual circumstances.

Teeth straightening in Northamptonshire

Gappy, crooked, twisted and chipped teeth can now be a thing of the past

Our teeth straightening methods offer a variety of options, some are fixed and some are removable. Your options in teeth straightening are:


– a series of clear retainers that are a removable method of teeth straightening. This method enables the treatment to be discreet and is therefore very popular with adults.

Inman Aligner

– there is just one removable retainer used by this teeth straightening process which results in a shorter and less costly process. Please note that this treatment can only be used for top and bottom teeth at the front, and is also marginally more visible than the Invisalign method.

Tooth coloured braced

– fixed braces may be a more traditional method of teeth straightening but things have moved on since the ‘metal mouth’ look. These affixed braces have clear ceramic brackets and white wires. Far less noticeable and the ‘fixed’ feature means that it’s easier to manage them with children.

Invisible lingual braces

– a fixed teeth straightening system that is for the more image-conscious. The braces are not visible because they are fixed to the back surface of the teeth. However, it can take a little time to become accustomed to it.

Call us now on 01280 703125 so that you can look forward to improving your confidence and attractiveness by being able to deliver an improved smile. Your dental function is also likely to improve by giving you a better bite from balanced teeth. It’s also easier to clean teeth that are straighter – less cavities and less gum disease.

To take your first step towards a brighter smile, book a consultation with our experienced dentist today.

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