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Laser Surgery

Laser surgery

It’s a fact that many people dread visiting the dentist due to the possibility of pain being experienced during procedures.

A new technology now makes this dread unnecessary. Laser dentistry is a technology that makes it possible to undergo several procedures that would normally be associated with some tooth pain.

As an alternative treatment option for you, here at Orchid Dental we can perform procedures in a comfortable and safe way using our laser. We offer the following dental procedures such as:

• Dental fillings
• Cavity detection
• The repair of sensitive teeth
• Gum damage repair and crown lengthening

Laser dentistry Northamptonshire

Who is Laser Dentistry for?

Laser dentistry should be considered by those who feel anxious and suffer from anxiety when it comes to dentist visits. It should also be a consideration for those who have determined that they will need complicated surgery or dental procedures. Laser dentistry provides a more comfortable experience that is safer and can promote healing. Quite often the sound of the dentist’s drill is something that people fear, and you won’t need to hear that whirling noise with our new laser system.

How does Laser Dentistry work?

Using a beam of light, laser dentistry can be used for a number of procedures. The light is used as an instrument for cutting tissue, bonding teeth and fillings and even for teeth whitening procedures.

Why use Laser Dentistry?

The patient who opts for laser dentistry experiences less pain and can avoid the need for anaesthesia and stitches.  There is also less incidence of bacterial infections due to the high-energy laser light beam that is used. Less damage is caused to tissues and you’ll find that wounds heal faster.

Laser dentistry is an advanced technology that should be seriously considered by patients. Call us on 01280 703125 for further information if you would like to use this technology. We can provide you with the facts that you need to make an informed decision, but we do think that you’ll be pleased with what you discover. 

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