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CEREC – Crowns in one session

CEREC - Crowns in one session

Let us put a smile back on your face

CEREC is an advanced piece of technology that enables the restoration of teeth without needing to wait for another appointment to have your crown fitted. Usually we’d need to make impressions and then make you another appointment so that you could have it fitted. With CEREC equipment that approach is a thing of the past. You won’t even need to wear a temporary filling as we will make our restoration of your cavity during the same appointment.  

CEREC is the abbreviation of computer generated ceramic restorations technology and we recently invested in this technology, in fact, just last year. As one of the only dentists in Northamptonshire to have one of these state of the art machines, we can now deliver restoration services that would normally take several days to do. The CEREC machine makes it possible to craft natural looking ceramic veneers, inlays, fillings and crowns in one sitting. You no longer need to visit for impressions and temporary fillings whilst your more permanent fixture is made.

CEREC equipment also puts us in position to be able to preserve more of your natural tooth tissue. We then use the equipment to provide you with the most durable material that is also biocompatible.

Another advantage of CEREC restorations is that they have been restoring teeth and testing the results for over 10 years. They have followed up with around 1000 clients who have had procedures performed using the CEREC so there is a good understanding of what material is the most suitable.

Why should you choose CEREC?

•  Restore teeth with modern materials whilst conserving more of the natural teeth
•  Aesthetically pleasing ceramic material is used for more natural looking results
•  You can undergo the complete treatment in one single session
•  No more metal materials
•  No more uncomfortable impressions need to be taken
•  No more managing to get by with temporary fillings, crowns, etc.
•  All materials and techniques have been clinically tested for comfort, safety and durability
•  You can watch your own restoration being created

When it comes to being compared to natural dental enamel, CEREC performs well. This results in no more wear than you would get from natural teeth, which is unlike the results of using ceramic or ceramic/metal crows.

We have now built up extensive experience of using our CEREC and have performed over 1000 successful procedures.

What is CEREC and how does it work?

This piece of technology is essential a computer with a camera. This makes it possible to measure microscopic measurements of your teeth and what you need so that the best fitting crown or inlay can be fitted. The computer then designs what is needed and the information is sent wirelessly to a unit that then prepares the inlay, veneer or crown from tooth coloured ceramic.

The cement that we use is the best for bonding the filling to the tooth cavity. You can expect to have a very good solution for your cavity requirement.  Once it’s dry, then we will polish it for you and you will be the owner of a maximum strength filling that has a long life ahead of it.

Call us today on 01280 703125 to book your CEREC appointment and enjoy the benefits of this latest dental technology.

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